Welp, there goes America.

“Believe me, she would not be my first choice, that I can tell you.” –Donald Trump mocking a woman who accused him of sexual assault.

That, my friends, is the new President of the United States of America. We finally made it to a time that I honestly didn’t believe would arrive, a Trump America. A man who has yet to realize that white, cis-gendered, middle class men aren’t the only people residing in this country. I am constantly hearing that people like Trump shouldn’t be judged by their views as it reflects how they were raised. I agree with that statement to some extent. Everyone grows up differently. The circumstances people grow up in shape their view of the world and this will clearly change from lower class to middle class to upper class. Some are given a million dollar loan from their father and others watch their father struggle to provide for their family. But the great thing about the world is that both people can ultimately end up in the same place.

Trump lives in his own little bubble that is impenetrable to the concerns of others (*cough* the majority of Americans *cough*) and as the newly elected President of a country, he ought to focus on the people and what they want.

Former President Barack Obama ran on the theme of hope and believing in yourself for a better tomorrow. He taught us not to physically fight with people who have opposing views to ours, but to embrace them and treat them with respect and dignity.

This is the man who became President right after a movement of hope and change.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Donald Trump nor do I feel that America’s government system is going to be destroyed in the next 4 years (our relations with other nations, on the other hand, probably stand little to no chance which sucks because I really want to visit Cuba). A president means something to people. The person who is in that seat, supposedly, carries the will of the people. Throughout his campaign and even now after he has been sworn into office,  Donald Trump is inciting real fear in the American people.

But ultimately, it isn’t Donald J. Trump that I am worried about.

It is the people who have chosen to ignore the sexual assault cases. It is the people who defended their president when he appeared to mock a disabled reporter. It is the people who believe his message that Mexicans are rapists and that they are the source of America’s drug problem. It is the people who help push the Muslim ban forward. It is the people who see their president disrespect (birther) his predecessor who has done nothing but treat him and his followers with grace and respect.

I am worried about the people who see what Trump is doing and begin to think that this type of behavior is okay. By allowing him to take the most powerful seat in the country, we have begun to normalize the things he is doing. Why does someone who committed these atrocious acts get to make decisions for the better of the country?

I’m afraid of what the future of America holds for people like me. It has only been 38 days since he was inaugurated and we can already see that people who don’t fit into the America that Donald Trump wants are going to be left behind.

When he talks about “taking this country back,” we all know who he’s talking to.

With an ending thought like that, it’s Gotta be Eghosa!


One thought on “Welp, there goes America.

  1. Welp, I don’t know what sorts people like you are, but any fears you have about being left behind probably have some validity to them, just not for self-serving, shallow reasons that you believe. We’re going to do out best to make America great again for greater body of people of normative American culture and values. That, because the left and their various minority sharecroppers, successfully promulgated the lie that to better one must cost another, means that those who aren’t of people of normative American culture and values are going to lose out.


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